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Kettering Medical Center Physician Office Building
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More physicians are adding patient portals to their websites to encourage interaction by patients, their families and caregivers. While it may seem impersonal, portals actually give you timely access to your personal medical records and more control over your healthcare. Access to clinical office staff allows you to extend your office visit and stay in touch more frequently. We are a "click" away! Portals support a partnership between patients and healthcare providers and connects you to the larger healthcare community. At this point in time there is no single access point for all of your medical records. Patients whose physicians are part of a hospital network may have access to a portal that provides access to that hospital and its network physicians' records. Your PMD Personal Health Record contains only records from our practice; however, you can access your Kettering Health Network records via a link, conveniently located on our website! Patient portals allow patients and healthcare providers to share the same information, making the management of chronic diseases (diabetes, asthma, congestive heart failure, etc.) easier. A study by Kaiser Permanente researchers found that patients with diabetes who emailed their doctors received better care compared with those who didn't. Simply being able to access your health data whenever you want can help you remember details about your treatment and improve compliance and outcomes. Being actively involved in decisions about your care is empowering and also leads to better outcomes.

Don't underestimate the convenience of patient portals! You can get the information you need when it's convenient for you, not your doctor. Avoid busy lines and phone tag - either when making an appointment or getting information - another convenience. Your e-mailed message, transmitted securely, is routed directly to a staff member in the appropriate department where it is handled as though you were on the phone or face-to-face in the office.

You might find it interesting to know that patients remember less than half of what they're told in the office or on the phone, experts say. How many times have you left the office and discovered you forgot to ask an important question? Or, tried to explain to your family your diagnosis, or, the course of treatment prescribed by your physician? If you can access this information, review your electronic health record and have your questions answered via email, you can read it, digest it and refer back to it when needed.

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