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Tips for getting the most from your appointment with your Pulmonary Specialist

If this is your first visit to Pulmonary Medicine of Dayton, you will receive our New Patient Registration Forms. This will include you medical history and your medications list. Please fill this out accurately and honestly as this will help you physician in your treatment. If for some reason you do not receive these forms prior to the date of your scheduled visit, please call us and plan on arriving 20-30 minutes early to complete these forms.

New Patients:

  • Call the office of the physician who referred you to our practice and ask that he/she send us all pertinent medical records in advance of your appointment date.

Returning Patients:

  • Please bring an up-to-date list of all of your medicines to each visit.
  • Write down any questions that might arise between visits so you can remember to ask your physician.
  • Bring a family member or close friend to your visit to help take notes during your visit

Let us know if you have had any of the following since your last visit:

  • An increase in your coughing, mucus production and shortness of breath
  • A flare up of your symptoms, change in color of mucus
  • A severe cold or flu
  • A visit to an ER, hospital or urgent care facility
  • An increase in the use of your fast-acting rescue inhaler
  • Been prescribed an antibiotic or oral steroid by another physician for your pulmonary or any other condition

Ask your physician about your medicines:

  • Why do you need a new medicine? How will it help? What is the name of the medicine?
  • Is there a generic medicine you can take?
  • Is there a medicine on your insurance company preferred list of medicine that will work for you?
  • What are the directions for taking the medicine? How long should I take this medicine?
  • What are the side effects?
  • Can you take it with your current medicine? Should you stop taking any of your current medicines?
  • Should you avoid any foods, drinks or alcohol when taking the medicine?
  • Would the medicine still work if you use half of it? Example: Can you cut a pill in half or use only one puff of an inhaler?
If prescribed an inhaler, make sure you do not leave the office without understanding exactly how to use it. Ask your physician if you might need a "spacer."

Please call us if you have any questions: 937-439-3600