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Prescription Refill Policy

Pulmonary Medicine of Dayton has adopted the electronic medication refill process known more commonly as e-Prescribe. This state-of-the art system will expedite your requests and ensure you have the medications you need, when you need them.

TIP: Anticipate your medication needs and call your pharmacy BEFORE you run out of medication.

We are happy to refill prescribed medications refills for patients who have been seen by a Pulmonary Medicine of Dayton physician in the past twelve (12) months. If it has been more than twelve (12) months since your last office visit with a Pulmonary Medicine of Dayton physician, please call the office to schedule an appointment, at which time your physician can address your prescription refill request.

Request a Refill

Contact your pharmacist to initiate your refill request.

Your pharmacy will send the office a refill request via fax, or, electronically using the e-Prescribe network.

If you call about your medication you will be transferred to our Medication Line (937-439-3600). We need all of the following information in order to process your medication refill request:

  • Your full name - DOB - Address and phone number
  • Name, strength and dosage of the medication you are requesting
  • Your pharmacy name and phone number

Refill requests will be processed within 2 business days.

Refill your prescriptions securely online at the Kettering Pharmacy!

TIP: Process your refill request through MyChart.

Medication Samples

The amount of sample medication made available to use is limited.

As a result, samples will only be dispensed to patients at the time of their office visits, when starting a new medication.

We are unable to provide samples for long term use.

We can provide you with information about various discount programs, coupons and other helpful resources.

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