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Ask the Gails'

The Gails

Gail B. and Gail S. are registered respiratory therapists, trained to perform pulmonary function testing and keep you updated and informed about managing your health. You have met one or both if you have had a pulmonary function test (PFT) performed in our office. Their many years working with patients with moderate to severe breathing problems makes them an invaluable resource for patients. The "Gails" are available to provide patients and their families support and educational information about living with a chronic disease. Both "Gails" possess a fund of knowledge and we invite you to "call-a Gail" anytime to ask a question or request information. If they don't know, they know who does!

Click on the picture (they are really much prettier in person) to submit your question. One of our "Gails" will get back with you within 48 hours. "Ask the Gails" is not intended to replace your visits with your doctor. Our goal is to enhance your overall care experience and help you maintain your independence and the best health possible.

Important: DO NOT use this link to report serious medical problems. If you need to report worsening or new symptoms contact our office at 937-439-3600 to speak with our triage nurse.

HELP, a portable concentrator would make my life so much easier! My oxygen company won't get me one!

Gail B: Your provider will write you a prescription for a portable concentrator if they feel it is right for you. Unfortunately, Medicare will most often not pay for it you have any type of delivery system currently. Under Medicare Part B patients can be supplied the rental of oxygen equipment and accessories, e.g. cannulas and connecting tubing.
They likely have provided you with portable tanks and a large concentrator for home use. This system serves a broader range oxygen patients. This system can provide low dose up to 5 LPM. Portable concentrators can only provide up to 3 LPM.

I see other patients with them. How are they different?

Gail B: If you are able and wish to do so, you can purchase one on your own. If you medically meet the requirements, your provider will give you a prescription so you may purchase one.
If you have never had oxygen before and convince Medicare that the concentrator is absolutely necessary because you are away from home for work or other reasons and it with be your only source of oxygen, you might be approved.
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